Hells Best Kept Secret

Hell’s Best Kept Secret!

Many of you remember Kirk Cameron of the TV show Growing Pains from back in the 80’s and 90’s. When that show was on the air, Kirk was a teenager and he was not a believer in Jesus. He was headed towards a fate that many child actors have faced and suffered through. Years went by and he happened upon…

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Richest Man Who Ever Lived

The Bible’s Secrets to Success!

King Solomon was the Richest and Wisest person to walk the Earth, according to the Bible. Wouldn’t it make sense to pick up on at least Some of that Wisdom? I think it would. I have read this book and it was the inspiration behind the Proverbs Challenge Android App that I built a while back. I highly recommend it!…

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Proverbs Challenge App Logo

Proverbs Challenge – Android App

The book of Proverbs! Challenge yourself to read a chapter a day for a year or more. You won’t be sorry! Proverbs was written mostly by the wisest man to ever live, King Solomon. He teaches you how to live and conduct yourself on a daily basis, to keep you out of harms way and how to prosper in everything…

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The World

World Wide Mission Opportunity For You

This website has been seen in over 100 countries, since it’s inception in July of 2009, according to Google’s Analytics. I don’t say that to brag, I say that so anyone willing to write articles for The BOLD Christian can see that their message will be seen by many people all over the world. Have you ever wanted to be…

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Extreme Makeover: Community Edition

Extreme Home Makeover: Community Edition

Tonight is the night! For a little background on what I am posting about here, please read our ongoing trial. Last year, there was a hurricane in our area, that caused us to lose power for three days. For most families that is a bearable amount of time. For us, however, it was a very difficult time. Our son Avery…

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The Great Tribulation

What will life be like, on Earth, after the Rapture?

I am not one to promote Conspiracy Theories and I do not believe the following series of articles from the Rapture Ready website is a conspiracy. It certainly is a theory, but it is based on verifiable facts from all over the world, as the author indicates. I have read about everything that she writes about over the past 10…

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