No Olympic Opening Ceremonies Catastrophe!

Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow!! I was wrong and I’m glad. That’s not to say that something like this will never happen though, because I believe it will at some point.The Bible says that there WILL be a one world government and religion and the signs have never been clearer that we are on track for this to happen…

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2012 Olympics

2012 Olympics – Opening Ceremonies – Catastrophe?

The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies is set to start tomorrow, July 27th, 2012. I just had to post about this today, because I have an eerie feeling that something major is going to happen during the opening ceremonies. Something VERY BAD! If you have read the articles from my previous post, What will life, on Earth, be like after the…

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The Great Tribulation

What will life be like, on Earth, after the Rapture?

I am not one to promote Conspiracy Theories and I do not believe the following series of articles from the Rapture Ready website is a conspiracy. It certainly is a theory, but it is based on verifiable facts from all over the world, as the author indicates. I have read about everything that she writes about over the past 10…

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Make-A-Wush Foundation of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Make-A-Wish Granted!

On Friday, July 13, 2012, our Make-A-Wish request was granted. We were driven by a handicapped limousine to the Hyatt Marriott hotel in Boston, where we stayed overnight in the Presidential Suite. In the morning, we were served breakfast and shortly afterwards Michael W Smith joined us. Michael stayed with us for about an hour, before catching a plane home…

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