Podcast #2 – Passionate Living – Hypnosis and NLP

Podcast 2 - Hypnosis and NLPPodcast #2 – Passionate Living – Hypnosis and NLP

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What in the world does Hypnosis and NLP have to do with a Christian World View?!

At first glance, nothing! In fact, many people would argue that these are banned by the Bible, but it is not true. Neither of these tools are mentioned or hinted at, at all. Granted these words are relatively new terminology compared to the times when the Bible was written, but the concepts are not new at all and have been around since the beginning of time.

Genesis 1:26-27 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

The human mind, body and soul were created in God’s image. The Body is obvious, since it is visible and everybody can see it and feel it. The Soul is not so obvious and neither is the Mind. Neither can be seen nor felt in any way.

It is here that we are separated from the rest of his creation and it is here that we are most like him, or at least we could be more like him, if  we were more in control of our own unconscious programming.

The Mind, although whole, can be divided into at least two parts for the sake of understanding it. The Conscious Mind, which is our waking awareness and our critical faculty designed to protect us and our Unconscious Mind, which is below our awareness and contains all of the programs that have been installed in us throughout our lives, good or bad. The Critical Faculty is the part of the Conscious mind that acts like a Firewall does on a computer network. It filters all of the incoming and outgoing data and decides what to let or keep in and what to let or keep out. The Awareness part of the Conscious Mind is what we are focusing on at any particular moment. Typically, we can focus or be aware of around 5 to 9 different stimulus at a time. The Unconscious Mind can be aware of millions or even billions of stimuli at any one time and it decides, based on what you have determined to be important, what it will allow you to notice and what it will not.

Our Unconscious Mind runs little programs that are responsible for pumping blood through our hearts, breathing, controlling the different sensations that we feel, such as hunger, thirst and causes drowsiness when our body needs sleep, etc. It also brings things to our Conscious Mind that we have deemed important enough to pay attention to. For instance, when you purchase a new car, suddenly, you see that same model everywhere, when you didn’t typically notice it before. That is because when you bought that particular car, your Unconscious Mind took that to mean that this is important to you, so now whenever it notices the same or similar car, it makes you aware of it.

Your Unconscious Mind is incredibly powerful, but it is limited by the programming that was put into it. That is why we would be doing ourselves a huge favor by getting rid of or modify the limiting programs and replacing them with more productive and healthy ones.

Both the Conscious and Unconscious parts of our mind work together to help us function and survive and its only intention is for our own good.

When we learn the ABC’s from our parents and then attend school as a child and then college or any other educational courses, we are training our minds to further help us in this journey of life. These are all good things, for the most part, but sometimes things happen in your life that can install programs that are ineffective, limiting and even destructive and it is those programs that we can work on changing to make ourselves better.

Some people have developed phobias, bad habits of all kinds, stuttering or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Some have excess stress or fears of various things.  Some have limiting beliefs about what they are really capable of and thousands of other possible issues that can all be overcome by uninstalling the old programs and replacing them with better ones.

Hypnosis and NLP are powerful tools that can absolutely change your life for the better and I highly recommend that you check them out and see for yourself.

As in the Podcast, I strongly recommend that you start with Mike Mandel. Mike is a Master Hypnotist and an NLP Trainer. He has been doing this since the 70’s and he has trained many people in these fields. He will even warn you about bad practices and what to look out for and he even recommends people who teach proper methods.

I have no affiliation with Mike other than listening to his own podcasts and purchasing some of his products, which I can attest to their effectiveness personally.

Like any tool, these can be used for good and bad purposes, which is why I recommend Mike as he uses and teaches them ethically.

You can check out Mike at his website here: http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/

If nothing else, remember this: ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF HYPNOSIS

If we do not control the programming of our own minds, then Satan will, and he is actively doing it today. He understands human nature far better than we do and he knows how to exploit it for his own evil purposes. If he can obscure or limit our God given abilities, then he can control us and as a whole, he is doing just that.

That is why God tells us not to rely on our own understanding, because we really don’t understand ourselves very well and we can be easily manipulated by those that would use this knowledge against us. It is imperative that we learn how our minds work, so that we can control the programming that gets installed, so that we can learn to avoid sinful behaviors and unethical ways of living. These are the things that destroy us and drive us further away from God and each other, but he has given us our minds for a reason and that is to use them.


I actually posted this podcast a couple of weeks ago, so I apologize for the delay in mentioning it. My family recently celebrated a Wedding and then two deaths, a week apart from one another, so I hadn’t been up to posting until now.



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