My New Podcast – Passionate Living!

My New Podcast – Passionate Living!

Passionate Living PodcastMy last entry, Creating a Passionate World!, was just the first step towards my contributions to helping make the world a better place. In order to expand on the theme, I felt like it was necessary to expand from this website into the next realm of communication. That is why I recorded my first podcast, called Passionate Living.

I am an IT person, by trade, so I am hosting the podcast on my sister site, Potentials Unleashed. The name of the site seemed more fitting for the type of information I will be sharing, in the coming podcasts and since it is not specifically for promoting the Christian Bible and Teachings, I decided it would be better suited on that site. I will, however, touch on Christian beliefs and how they can help move the world forward in future podcasts.

If you happen to have an iPhone or other Apple product, iTunes has approved my podcast and you can find it there: Passionate Living

If you do not have an Apple product, then you can hear the podcast on the Potentials Unleashed podcast page, or use whatever podcast app you have, to subscribe to the Passionate Living podcast feed.

If you like the podcast then please take the time rate it on iTunes or just leave a comment here. If you wouldn’t mind sharing it with others, that would be greatly appreciated too.

If you have a specific topic that you would like me to cover then please let me know either in the comment section or by email to or



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