Just For You – A Poem

Just For You - A Poem

Just For You – A Poem

Here is a poem that I wrote for a good friend, during a time when he was hurting. I felt that anyone who is hurting and beating themselves up about it might benefit as well. This was written back in December of 2006.



You’re troubled about your sins;
don’t worry, you are doing fine.
You’ve got Jesus in your heart;
which makes your walk divine.
Don’t beat yourself up;
for all the things that you do wrong.
When he comes back from Heaven;
all the evil will be gone.
Don’t tear yourself down;
thinking that you don’t belong.
When Jesus stands beside you;
all you can be is strong.
When Satan tempts your heart;
don’t fight him all alone.
With Jesus on your side;
your backup is the throne.
He battles with you now;
so put on your fighting glove.
If you don’t understand evil;
then how can you grasp his love?
Jesus really loves you;
your own understanding will never do.
Here is just a glimpse of it;
he died just for you.
Your sins are all forgiven;
for just accepting him in your heart.
You now have eternal life;
but you still have to do your part.
You’re struggling through these things right now;
but its all part of his plan.
And when you’ve gotten through it;
you’ll be a better (wo)man.

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