Hell’s Best Kept Secret!

Hells Best Kept SecretMany of you remember Kirk Cameron of the TV show Growing Pains from back in the 80’s and 90’s. When that show was on the air, Kirk was a teenager and he was not a believer in Jesus. He was headed towards a fate that many child actors have faced and suffered through.

Years went by and he happened upon a strange Australian guy named Ray Comfort. Ray is an open air preacher and he is very knowledgeable about the Bible and how Jesus taught his Disciples, and anyone within earshot of him, to live.

Kirk was incredibly moved when he heard Ray interacting with people on the street through a video. I don’t recall if it was YouTube or some other video site or even TV that Kirk was watching, but the point is that he saw Ray and he was deeply moved by what he heard.


Fast forward a little and Kirk ended up giving his life to Jesus and found Ray too. The two teamed up and have been working with each other ever since.

The reason I bring this up is because I believe that Ray’s teaching method closely mimics that of Jesus and how he taught. When I heard Ray, I was also convicted deep within my heart and realized that I just wasn’t living right, even though I had been a good Christian. Whatever that means!

Ray and Kirk have developed many methods of teaching and reaching others, but this post is specifically geared at just one of them.

Hell’s Best Kept Secret!!

You can look up Ray on YouTube and you can go to his website called Living Waters, but I highly recommend getting a copy of his book.

84350: Hells Best Kept Secret with Questions & Answers Hells Best Kept Secret with Questions & Answers
By Ray Comfort

This book may just open your eyes! It certainly opened mine!

It will teach you how you can change your life and those around you, by truly living a Christian life and sharing the truth in love.



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