Extreme Home Makeover: Community Edition

Extreme Makeover: Community Edition

Tonight is the night! For a little background on what I am posting about here, please read our ongoing trial.

Last year, there was a hurricane in our area, that caused us to lose power for three days. For most families that is a bearable amount of time. For us, however, it was a very difficult time. Our son Avery is 100% disabled and is dependent on several medical machines to help him breathe and to administer medication. All of these work on electricity and all of them were without it. We do have a generator and I was able to have that running during the power outage, but Avery ended up getting sick from the fumes any way. That is really my fault though, since I had the generator on the front porch, which is right near where Avery’s room is. I ended up moving the generator to the back porch and ran the extension cords and power strips across the rooms to get them to the back of the house. We are on file with National Electric with a disabled child, so they were aware of our situation and we did get power back on as quickly as they were able to.

Well, that one incident really stirred the heart of a now dear friend of ours to action. In March of this year, we were temporarily moved out of our home so that he and members of our church and community could make some modifications to our electrical system as well as some other upgrades, to make it as easy as possible to endure any future events like the one we suffered through in 2011.

As more and more people found out about this project, they got involved. Many local companies also pitched in and now, almost 5 months later, the project is complete. For the last few weeks, my family and I have been banned from the house, so that they could finish it up and install a few surprises for us as well.

So far we know that there is a new roof, completely new electrical and plumbing, a new half bath was installed downstairs and the one upstairs was completely gutted and rebuilt. All of the hardwood floors were redone and many of the ceilings were repaired, due to water damage.

Tonight is the night that they will be revealing their work to us. Our children have not seen the house for months now, so they will be incredibly surprised. We even have a few surprises for them as well. I can’t wait to see their faces!

We won’t be officially moving back in until August 23, 2012, because that is as early as we can get the manufacturer of Avery’s bed, to come out and move it for us. For insurance reasons, we have to wait for them, or else I would move the bed myself.

So as I get ready to leave work for the day, I just wanted to post this here before we see what God has done for us through his people.

It is awesome being a Christian! Even in our storms, he blesses us.



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