About Us

Welcome to The BOLD Christian web site.

Our goal is to educate new believers on what it means to be a REAL Christian. We are definitely not talking about the CE Christians of the world, meaning those who attend church only at Christmas and Easter. It certainly is better that they attend then, than not at all, but that does not make them a Christian any more than me attending a movie premier makes me an actor. It is also true that just because you were born into a Christian home does not automatically make you a Christian either. Becoming a Christian is a PERSONAL choice that everyone must make at some point in their life BEFORE they pass on to the next. It is very simple really, if you have sincerely accepted the gift that Jesus gave you, then you are a Christian and if you have not, then you are not.

More than likely this site will offend some people and I hope that it does. I hope that this will challenge you to re-evaluate your life and help you to open your mind and to see where you may, or may not, need to make changes. We will try to show you things through God’s perspective

We are, by no means, perfect and we expect to make mistakes throughout our lives and even here on this site, so please know that we only have your best intentions in mind and will never intentionally lead you astray.

God bless you and please enjoy the site.